Marianne Collins


As a printmaker in contemporary society, my endeavors lie in trying to combine the traditional aspects of the medium with modern, innovative features.  My undertakings in lithography, intaglio, relief and screen printing result within the frame as well as extending beyond, into the realms of wallpaper, uniforms and public pieces.  My desire to combine installation with my knowledge of printmaking led to the exploration of a space with a two-dimensional medium.

The quality of printmaking: processes and technical characteristics, the concern and treatment of prints, and the predisposed precious quality they bestow are of great interest to me.  I have chosen to confront this issue by allowing printmaking to become slightly less precious in the form of wallpaper, while reintroducing the precious quality with a considered pattern.  The idea of preciousness is once again askew in the deteriorating wallpaper of Gilding the Lily or the public accessibility of Community Tree House.  Although my subject matter is not always similar, as it evolves with the concept, there is a common thread of nostalgia, personal interaction and relationships.  My art fulfills my innate desire to comment on my surroundings and domestic environments.